Putting it down on paper

What comes to mind when you think of journaling?    Is it something like this?     Perhaps you imagine a woman, deep in thought, pouring her soul onto the page. And journaling certainly can be that, but it doesn’t always have to be.   Or perhaps when you think of a journal, you conjure the prototype of a diary, […]

hygge is Hibernation, human-Style

Two winters ago, I met my friend and colleague, Fran, for lunch. After we left the restaurant in our local village, we walked past some shops and chatted.    “I’m thinking of having a Hygge party,” she said. “Wanna come?”   “A hookah party?” My mouth dropped open at the thought of my retirement-age friend lounging around on gold-fringed velvet […]

Released From the catacombs of my soul

“Es la verdad. Y la verdad es bella.”   Near the end of her talk as a visitor to my Hispanic and Latin American Literature course at Stony Brook University, Irene Vilar quoted these words. She explained that these are the words her father said to her after reading her first memoir, A Message from God in the Atomic Age […]