Signs Along the journey

Do you believe in signs?


When was the last time you were aware of a sign?


Do you wonder if maybe there are signs you are missing in your life?


Over the past several months, I’ve done some emotional and mental cleansing: dusting and sweeping the cobwebs from my mind and heart in an effort to clear the way for signs to get through. This has entailed letting go of old thought patterns and old hurts that never served me and creating a more organized mind by systemizing routines so that less mental energy is required in navigating my daily life.


One of my motivations for doing this is to create more space for receiving input, which includes information and also signs. 


What do I mean by signs? 

To me, signs are simply messages sent to us by God/the Universe/our Higher Power, to help guide us. There are many ways these messages are sent to us, and many of these lie in our subconscious, which is more attuned to the vibrations of the universe.


Some messages come in dreams.

I’ve always believed that when I’ve dreamt about someone, it was a sign from them. However, I recently learned that when we dream, every single person who appears actually represents us or some facet of our own personality or being. I once dreamt about my son being angry with me, but the message was actually for me to see that I was angry with myself about something in my relationship with him. Thus, reflecting on our dreams can be a way to discern messages intended to help us.


Other messages come by way of our intuition, or “gut” feelings.

Children and animals are the best example of this. Most of us would agree that children and animals “sense” when things are wrong more clearly than adults, who tend to rely on observation, logic, and experiential reasoning. Have you ever had a pet who would become uncharacteristically nervous or aggressive with someone, but you didn’t understand why? Later, you would find out that there was something wrong with that person all along, and you regretted not heeding the warning of your pet. 


As another example, many parents teach their children to trust themselves if they get a weird feeling about someone or something. This can help them avoid a bad situation. As adults, we would do well to revive this childlike intuition within ourselves.


Some messages come by way of repeated negative experiences.

Most of us have had a day where nothing seems to go right. Perhaps we wake up late, rush to leave for work, forget an important item at home, lose our wallet in the taxi on the way, and then trip over uneven pavement and land smack on our knee, ripping our pantyhose and bruising our dignity. Our first thought might be, “I should’ve just stayed home today,” but perhaps the message was not that at all. Perhaps it was a red flag that the meeting we had scheduled for that afternoon should be postponed because we weren’t truly ready, or perhaps it was a reminder for us to slow down and readjust our priorities in life.


Animals can be messengers.

I’ve heard people say that cardinals are signs from someone who has passed on and wants to remind you that they are still here, even if you can’t see them. Whether you believe that about cardinals or not, maybe you’ve experienced this in another way. Perhaps someone you love is in the hospital and you go for a walk outside to clear your mind from worry, and you come across a cat (or a dog or a duck or a bird, or some other animal) that follows you. It stops when you stop, walks when you walk, and looks you directly in the eyes at least once. I would consider that a sign, and you would need to be clear in order to understand the exact message being sent to you.


One of the most common ways to receive messages is from other people whom we come into contact with unexpectedly. 

This recently happened to me. My 25 year-old son, Daniel, passed away on April 14, 2020 of a brain aneurysm. I had his cell phone on my plan, and a couple of weeks after he passed, I canceled it. His phone number could no longer receive or send calls or texts at that point.


I’ve heard other mothers who’ve lost children say they routinely send text messages or even call the phone number of their deceased child. They say it brings them comfort. I didn’t think I would ever do this, but on Christmas Day, I did.


Christmas morning 2020 was difficult for me. While I hadn’t spent a Christmas Day with my son in about eight years, knowing that there would be no communication with him, asking whether he liked the gifts I would’ve sent, was almost too much for me to bear.


So, I sent him a text message. I wished him a Merry Christmas. I told him I loved him and missed him terribly.


I didn’t know where I expected the message to go. Heaven? The beyond? At the very least, I absolutely believed that somehow Daniel would see it and know that I was communicating with him from this level of consciousness.


Less than ten seconds after sending the text, my phone rang. The caller ID showed “Daniel.” For a moment, a part of me desperately wanted to believe I would hear his voice on the other end of the line.


I answered. “Hello?” I asked through sobs.


“Who is this?” a cross voice asked me. Clearly, his number had already been reassigned.


I was crying so hard that I couldn’t respond.


“I said, who is this?” she insisted.


I caught my breath and apologized. Then I explained why I had sent that text to that number.


Her response was something I hadn’t expected.


“Well, you got the right person because I am a woman of God. And if it makes you feel better, you go ahead and text this number anytime.”


We talked for a few minutes. She told me her name was Rebekah. We exchanged Christmas greetings and I thanked her for understanding this mother’s grief.


Most people would’ve seen that text, chalked it up to a “wrong number,” and shrugged it off. I know I’ve ignored messages received in error, especially when it was a one time only situation.


But Rebekah didn’t.


One thing I know for sure is that my contact with Rebekah was not random. It can’t be filed under “shit that happens.” 


It was a sign. A message. 


And it was telling me to trust, believe and know that Daniel — and all of our loved ones — are closer than we think. They’re not “gone.” They have simply transitioned into another level of existence, one that we cannot fully comprehend or reach ourselves, but that we might only receive glimpses of every now and then.


That is, if we are open to receiving them.