Currently Writing: code switching, my second young adult novel

Set in Long Island, New York, Code Switching is about shy, sixteen year-old Suyana Cuéllar who grew up in a family of shamans in a small town in the Andes Mountains of Perú, and is suddenly sent to the US to live with her mother, whom she hasn’t seen in thirteen years.


Shortly after she arrives, she realizes life with her mother — and her mother’s new family — isn’t what she expected.


And when strange things start happening, Suyana learns she has a gift.


Will she be able to handle this gift while trying to learn English, navigate the pitfalls of a typical American high school, rebuild her relationship with her mother, and avoid her step-sister, who would like nothing more than to see Suyana go back to Perú?


Code Switching is a novel that shows how embracing a new way of life doesn’t mean you have to forget the old.

In Revision: Miss Americana, my first young adult novel

Set in Los Angeles, Miss Americana is about 17 year-old Blanca Martinez, a mixed race high school senior who has the talent for a bright future as a writer.


However, her father, Dr. Manuel Martinez Garcia, refuses to support her career choice.


Along with her father breathing down her neck about college, Blanca worries that she’s not Latina enough for Isaac Pineda, a hot new boy from Honduras who’s falling for her.


Meanwhile, Blanca is guarding a secret about her brother, Carlos, because she knows only he and her best friend, Olivia, understand her.


But when Blanca is blindsided by secrets revealed about both her dad and Isaac, will she be able to reconcile her relationships while remaining true to herself and her goals?


Miss Americana is a novel that shows you don’t need to choose one identity over another because it’s possible to be both, and create your own identity as you go.